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Friday, February 17, 2012


DATLA community is quite old dating back to the periods of kakatiyas who ruled warangal.
Some of the Dhanunjaya Gota kshtriyas of Adhra pradesh ruled from Dharanikota Near Guntur. They had marriage alliances with women from Kakatiya family. They were contemporaries of kakatiyas and were ruling during 1100-1400 (approximately).
After the fall of kakatiya and other dynasties, the rules of Dharanikota ( also known as Kota Vamsam) moved to different villages assuming the names of the places as their surnames like Datla, jampana, Chintalapati, Uppalapati etc,

Around 1400 AD, Krishnam Raju of this clan married a girl by name Buchhi Seetayyama of mandapati surname from The Kakatiya Family ( probably by then They have lost the kingdom) and got the village "DATLA" as a gift. He and his descendants lived here for more than 200 years. in 1630 four of his descendants moved to East Godavari, mutyalampadu and Ongole and assumed the surname Datla.

Datla perumal raju from this village migrated to East Godavari district in 1630 and he had 3 sons. His son venkatapathi Raju worked as Deevan in Peddapuram Samsthanam. venkatapathi raju's gradsons moved to 6 villages in West godavari where their families still exit as of 2009. starting from perumal raju , about 16-17 generations have passed and all their family trees are maintained.

Currently there are Reddy families in Datla village who were there for centuries dating back to kakatiyas 

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